Rising In The Ranks

RankName & City

Junior Master (5)

Edwin Kelley, Auburn; Carol Kilbourne, Granger; Lois Ptaszek, Cadillac, MI

Club Master (20)

Donna Freeland, Saint John; Ann Marie Wallace, Auburn

Sectional Master (50)

Edward Bower, Roanoke; Kim Teagno, Fort Wayne

Regional Master (100)

Miki Grant, Elkhart

NABC Master (200)

Candace Hurwich, South Bend; Reggie Lowenhar, Granger; Margaret Mauger, Portland; Rajalakshmy Sundara, Granger; Charles Tomes, Valparaiso; Marcy Tomes, Valparaiso; Gerry Wardzinski, South Bend

ADV. NABC Master (300)

BRONZE LIFE MASTER (750) Mary Kocevar, Hobart

LIFE MASTER (500) & SILVER LIFE MASTER (1000) Zafar Khan, Crown Point

michael clegg

SAPPHIRE LIFE MASTER (3500) Michael Clegg, Fort Wayne

As you can see from my photo, I take my bridge game super seriously as captain of the Conan and the Barbarians Bridge Team. I started playing bridge in my dorm at college when one of the players in our floating bridge game needed a restroom break. I only got to play the hands because I didn’t know how to bid yet. The next term a couple of guys taught some of us how to bid and the rest is history. I came to Fort Wayne with about 15 points and began to play here in 1982. I started playing with Ken Koorsen and my future wife Mary Lou. Since then, I have played with and against many of the Fort Wayne area bridge luminaries. Other favorite partners over time besides Ken and my wife are: Joe Shull, Matt Fultz, Eric Outland, Jim Kart and Kim Grant to name only a few. Point inflation has added to my totals over the years and I can remember when a low scratch would get you .07 mps. I love the game and enjoy playing in person more than online.

Joe Shull

DIAMOND LIFE MASTER (5000) Joe Shull, New Haven

I never knew what a long journey bridge would be when the 9 year old me was invited by my aunts and mom to "sit in for a hand or two".

Bridge is the only endeavor that I know that gives you a chance to play against the best in the world without paying a hefty fee for the privilege.

I will not tell you that points are unimportant.  After all, almost all of you reading this aren't Diamond Life Masters and I am.  But the people you get to meet and even get to know their story has been a major plus that I have experienced playing this game for so long.

 So, the next time I see you at the table, "Take your best shot at beating me and tell me a little of your story.