Rising In The Ranks

RankName & City

Junior Master (5)

James Bell, Valparaiso; Nancy Bell, Valparaiso; Dean Teagno, Fort Wayne; Kim Teagno, Fort Wayne; Ann Marie Wallace, Auburn

Club Master (20)

Judy Knight, Lagrange; Zoe Liebrich, Fort Wayne

Sectional Master (50)

Kathleen Stout, New Buffalo, MI; Victoria Voller, Valparaiso

Regional Master (100)

Jo Holm, Fort Wayne; Kathy Stegmaier, Mishawaka; Rajalakshmy Sundara, Granger

NABC Master (200)

ADV. NABC Master (300)

SILVER LIFE MASTER (1000) Lynn Bayman, Vero Beach

Howard Chapman

SILVER LIFE MASTER (1000) Howard Chapman, Fort Wayne

I learned to play bridge in Law School.  Once in Fort Wayne, I began playing regularly with a group of friends.  Many years later my friend Otto Bonahoom suggested that the two of us visit Fort Wayne Duplicate Bridge Club.  Playing there taught me a lot more about bridge, and many of the members were instrumental in that.  Furthermore, I always look forward to time with the good natured and courteous folks that play there.  And I certainly appreciate those who play as my partners!


SILVER LIFE MASTER (1000) Joe Kohne Fort Wayne

Jim Kart


I started learning bridge when I was 7. Mom and Dad would play with friends and relatives and I would watch. We had a 12-inch black and white TV (that I couldn't watch when they were playing cards and of course no electronic devices at all. I hope that doesn't date me!)

When I was 16, my parents used to bring me along to the bridge center in Fort Wayne if someone at the center needed a partner. You all remember those days. You got your Masterpoints on little slips of paper that had to be mailed in to ACBL Headquarters whenever you had enough for a full masterpoint. It was also a time when if you earned 0.32 masterpoints at a club game, you thought it was a great night!

By the time I reached my early 20's, I had gathered about 70 masterpoints and went to work as a signal maintainer for Conrail, later to become Norfolk Southern Railroad. Mom and Dad kept playing, but I no longer had the time. I retired in March of 2012 after 36 + years working on the railroad. Dad had passed by then and Mom (Ella Kart - a great partner for anyone and a life master herself) played on. Mom always said I was her favorite partner and as I managed to move up the ladder has always been my greatest fan. She passed away in 2016 after I made my Silver Life Master. She always beamed with joy if I did anything well when I played bridge. Because of that, I have kept playing and often think of my parents as I do. I have been very lucky to play in Fort Wayne where I have a number of wonderful partners. Thank you all for bring me this far. Dad and especially Mom, all my success at the bridge table are because of you. I thank you and miss you!