Rising In The Ranks

RankName & City

Junior Master (5)

Dimi Cooklev, Fort Wayne; William Hopkins, Fort Wayne; David Sorg, Fort Wayne; Fred Stump, Mishawaka

Club Master (20)

Scott Fenton, Wolcottville; Varsha Mapara, Fort Wayne; Judith McCullough, Mishawaka

Sectional Master (50)

Marcia Carson, Valparaiso; Sunaina Kumar, Dyer

Regional Master (100)

Marcy Tomes, Valparaiso

Adv. NABC Master (300)

Jane Shultz



I want to thank all my patient, instructive, supportive, inspiring, tolerant, and even the critical partners and opponents for helping me learn and love this  game.   Jane Shultz


Jerry Palm


JERRY PALM, Highland

Congratulations to Jerry Palm, of Highland, who has earned the credentials to have become a Gold Life Master — 2500 masterpoints. Here is Jerry’s story —

My family, including we seven siblings plus Mom and Dad, were all card players. From a very early age we played hearts, euchre and pinochle. My mom taught me to play bridge. In college at Purdue University in Lafayette, I played in the dorm, when a friend suggested we play duplicate in some local tournaments. I think that's where I got my first points.

I got my degree in electrical engineering — went to work for Swift & Co. in Chicago. Several of us played bridge during lunch. Then I joined Swift's industrial bridge league team and played competitively in the Chicago area. A friend, Mike Sutterfield, and I began to play tournaments in the area — a time I remember very fondly.

I lived in Olympia Fields when South Suburban Bridge Club was formed. My wife and I and other partners played there frequently for many years.

In 2001, my wife, Pat, passed away. In 2002 I met Connie Stevens at SSBC and we began playing multiple times a week and continue to the present.  

I became a director and ran games at SSBC until my eyesight made it difficult to use the computer. I do continue to help out by partnering with folks who come to SSBC without a partner — something I really enjoy. Sitting here at this time (smack in the middle of a pandemic), the things I miss about the restrictions are not being able to go out to dinner or see a movie, but mostly not being able to get together to play bridge.

"Gold Life Master"!  I am proud of this achievement. And I am enjoying looking back over the years, recalling so many good times, reveling in so many good friends. Gold Life Master does also remind me of my advanced age. That's ok. I am part of a great social pastime, enjoying the competition, exercising my brain, not vegetating. Life is good!

The following tribute is written by Daryl Fraley, Jerry’s oftentimes Monday partner —

I would like to congratulate Jerry Palm on becoming a Gold Life Master — an awesome achievement!  It has been my good fortune to have Jerry as a partner. He always has a smile on his face each morning before we play and thanks me for playing after each game. Jerry is an excellent player, always in the game, whether he is dealt good hands or bad hands. He gives me good advice and good convention information, which has truly helped me become a better player.  Thanks again, Jerry, for being such a good partner. See you on Mondays when the coast is clear!!