News and Updates at Unit 154

Community Bridge Club will hold the D12 STaC games at NOON on
Wednesday, June 26 & Saturday, June 26, Questions - contact Alan Yngve at 219-315-9438

70% + Games

Joe Chin, Highland & John Goring, Frankfort, IL:  70.14%  2/4
Kimberly Grant & Gary Chaney, Fort Wayne:  70.83%  2/9
Bill Searcy, Elkhart & Raji Sundararajan, Granger:  71%  2/12
Elaine Thompson, South Bend & John Scheibelhut, Notre Dame:  70.83%  2/15
Laverne Niksch, Portage & Barbara Walczak, Munster:  70.00%  2/16
Lou Nimnicht, Crown Point & Alan Yngve, Chesterton:  71.80%  3/2
Barbara Lawson, Valparaiso & Carol Miller, Valparaiso: 76.39%  3/5
Kevin Miller, Goshen & Phill Kolski, Elkhart:  70.14%  3/7
Ren Singleton, South Bend & Lee Boser, Elkhart:  70.51%  3/14
Jim Kart, Fort Wayne, & Gary Chaney, Woodburn:  71.88%   3/16
Ahnee Conner, Fort Wayne & Patrick Kelly, Wolcottville:  72.40%  3/16
Stacy Jacobs, Hinsdale, IL & Zafar Khan, Crown Point:  73.93%  3/19
Kathy Klein & Gerry Kulp, Fort Wayne:  70.91%  3/20
Elaine DeLaney & Jimmy Cordas, South Bend:  75.13%  3/25

New Valparaiso Director

Congratulations to Terry Brendel for passing his ACBL Club Directors’ exam and who now has become a certified director. This will be a great help to the Valparaiso Duplicate Club, since it now has two certified directors, and Charlie Halberstadt does not have the imperativeness to be at the game every Wednesday.

These are the essential requirements of a good club director —

  • Technical skills needed to run bridge games of all types
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Duplicate Bridge and ACBL regulations
  • Knowledge of ACBLscore and ability to work with required software and hardware
  • Public relations skills to balance the roles of referee, judge, teacher, psychologist and entertainment director

Do you know where you were when you won your first GOLD points?

Ivye Benson from Michigan City has earned her first gold points in the Gold Rush Pairs at the Sarasota-Manatee Regional in Palmetto, Florida.  Ivye began playing party bridge with her parents when she was 16 and started playing duplicate in 2009 at the urging of her Aunt Vivian Carlson, who at age 92 earned her Silver Life Master last year.  Sadly Vivian passed away in March, but Ivye will have fond memories of stopping in North Carolina and playing with her on her way to Florida every year.   Ivye plays daily during the winter in Daytona, FL. and in the summers you will see her playing in South Bend, Michigan City and Long Beach.

Ivye grew up in South Bend, worked for the mayor of South Bend back in the 60’s, worked for a congressman from Alaska for eight months, and then married a Lutheran pastor.  Her marriage lasted 27 years and produced her three beautiful daughters.  She has three granddaughters with one more on the way.  Following stints working for a television station in Sioux City, IA., and being a counselor for L.A. Weight Loss for five years, she moved back to South Bend and then to Michigan City to be with her mother when her father passed away.

Ivye met Verne Lee from Michigan City in the choir loft at church eight years ago.  Verne has taken up bridge, joined ACBL, and partners occasionally with Ivye.

Ivye is planning to play in as many Regionals as possible to reach the Life Master rank, and will probably be earning her Bronze at the same time with the points she is winning along the way.

ACBL Wide Junior Fund Winners!

Creighton Rawlings and Joe Chin came up with an excellent game in Lynwood, IL on January 22 — an ACBLwide Junior Fund game — with a 67.08% score — to place first in District 13 for 10.00 masterpoints. Congratulations to an awesome twosome!


Friends That Will Be Missed


March 27, 1934 – February 10, 2019

Stan Brenneman passed away after several years of declining health.  Stan, a regular in the Wednesday afternoon game in Fort Wayne, was never not noticed in a room of people.  Stan’s booming voice and good cheer made him a point of interest wherever he went.  His talent for entertaining people with song and story was well known throughout northeastern Indiana.  He and his usual partner of the last several years, Bob Heiny, could be found every Wednesday at Table 1 with Stan telling Bob how the hand could have been played and Bob responding that that was only Stan’s opinion.

Any pair of opponents who occupied the chairs at Table 1 were sure to hear a story from one or both of these gentlemen.  It is only fitting that they both passed away within a couple months of each other.  Some players have remarked that when they hear thunder, they are not sure whether it is Mother Nature or Stan and Bob discussing the merits of their respective games.  Move the boards, Stan.

JANE SCOTT, Fort Wayne
March 15, 1947 – February 7, 2019

Jane Scott, a lady of regal bearing and intelligent wit, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Thursday, February 7.  Jane, a native Hoosier, was a community leader in the Fort Wayne community for decades with her many civic, charitable, andreligious activities and duties with her leadership in the local Habit for Humanity organization being her latest and most notable.  Jane’s love of her family, especially her grandchildren, shone through with each and every story she related.

Jane and Betty Walston, her regular Wednesday afternoon bridge partner, could frequently be found smiling and laughing in the 0-299er game on Wednesdays.  While frequently finishing in-the-money, it made little difference to Jane whether they had a good game or one not-so-good.  She and Betty were fun to be around and always had a smile and kind words for the opponents at any table at which they played.  Jane’s smiling face and dry wit will be missed by all of us who knew her.  Keep ‘em smiling, Jane.