News and Updates at Unit 154

70% + Games

Jim O’Connell, Valparaiso & Joe Chin, Highland:  74.58% 12/1
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:  70.57%  12/10
Jim and Marcia Carson, Valparaiso:  71.88%  12/11
Dave Bigler, Hobart & Ram Prasad, Munster:  71.80%  12/15
Laverne Niksch, Portage & Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton:  73.88%  12/17
Elaine DeLaney & Jimmy Cordas,  South Bend:  72.66%  12/17
Ren Singleton & Lee Boser, South Bend:  71.19%  12/19
Dave Hoevel & Joe Sowder, Fort Wayne:  70.66%  1/4
Joe Shull, New Haven & Matt Fultz, Fort Wayne:  70.14% 1/5
Mary Lou Clegg & Jim Kart, Fort Wayne:  71.88%  1/12
Chris Clarke & John Gadd, South Bend:  70%  1/14
Michael Clegg & Jim Kart, Fort Wayne:  73%  1/24

Jim Farner Day Winners in South Bend

The sixth annual Jim Farner Day, held on January 7, 2019 in South Bend, gave them this year’s winners—Marian David and Bill Searcy (pictured) with a

whopping 62.64%.  Jim Farner was a member of SBBC for many years, and, when he died, his family generously donated to their club. They have a plaque to honor his birthday with the winners' names inscribed each year.

2018 Masterpoint Winners in the Fort Wayne Club

Jim Kart is the first-place winner of 2018’s masterpoint race with 140.15 MP’s earned in club games from December 1, 2017 to November 30, 2018. He is followed by Michael Clegg with 137.05 MP’s, Tom Carpenter with 117.67 MP’s, and Judy Nelsen with 105.14 MP’s

Fort Wayne's New Thursday Director!

Bob Enyeart is the new director of the Thursday Pro-Am (mentoring) game in Fort Wayne! After playing regularly at the club for the past several years, Bob passed the director’s exam last year. When asked by Club Manager Gary Chaney, he agreed to direct the Pro-Am game starting in February.

Says Bob, “I’m happy to direct this game where newer players work with mentors and learn.” The Pro-Am game, which often attracts ten or more tables, has helped many club players improve their bidding and play to reach higher ranks such as Life Master.

New Board Members in Fort Wayne

In Fort Wayne, new board members Bob Enyeart, Phil Eyermann, Dave Hoevel and Penny Henshaw (left to right in photo) began serving their terms in January.

At the same meeting, board members elected 2019 officers Stan Davis (President), Judy Nelsen (Secretary) and Carl Wheeler (Treasurer).


Friends That Will Be Missed


E. Tim Carl
12/1/1940 - 12/16/2018

It was wonderful to have Tim as long as we did.  He came into the  South Bend Club smiling and didn’t stop even during his last days.  He was a regular fixture coming in each day to play and to tell us that he had just seen “my very favorite movie on TCM last night.”  He loved old movies and any western he could find.  He had an enthusiasm for bridge that was infectious.  But, he had that same enthusiasm for many of his other accomplishments.  He won awards for his sales of cars and recreational vehicles, and after retirement he worked at Central High School as a teacher’s aide, working with students with autism.  He was married to his wife Lenora for fifty-seven special years.  He was an avid golfer, a Silver Life Master bridge player, and served honorably in the U.S. Air Force.  And to us, Tim was the South Bend Club President for three years and a good friend.  We will miss him.

Martha Hosinski
12/28/1919 - 1/7/2019


The South Bend Bridge Club was so happy to be able to celebrate many of Martha’s birthdays especially her last one - the 99th.  Throughout the years she would come bouncing in ready to play with her myriad of partners who thoroughly enjoyed her company.  If you gave her even a hint that game was possible, she would definitely bid it!

Martha was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts, graduated from Regis College and later joined the U.S. Navy, serving during WW II.  She often claimed that, if she had stayed in the Navy, she would have been an admiral (and we believe it wholeheartedly).  However, along  came William Hosinski, who brought her to his hometown of South Bend where they raised their five children.  She was a wonderful helpmate for her Bill as he practiced law and became a judge.  For her children she was the upbeat, positive force in their lives. We shall all miss her.

Robert (Bob) Lewis II
2/20/1941 - 1/10/2019

Bob was such a wonderful ambassador and a great addition to the South Bend Club.  But, he was that and more to all the people he came in contact with.  Playing bridge he started out on the “B” side of our club but was making headway on the “A” side.

Bob’s love for education was evident throughout his professional career.  He held executive administrative posts at many universities and retired in 1997 from Notre Dame after being in charge of the Graduate Education For Minorities for seven years.  He also served his church and his community by volunteering his time and talents. For fun and relaxation enjoyed playing in the MOB (Men Only Bridge) group and the Par Putter Golf Club.

He leaves his wife of 47 years, Margaret (often his bridge partner), 3 children & 4 grandchildren. Our condolences to his family.  We will miss his infectious smile.

Dee VanBebber
12/14/1929 - 1/5/2019

Dee VanBebber was from Valparaiso.  She was a high school teacher and girls’ golf coach in Ohio and was known affectionately as “Mom" by many of her students.  She continued to teach after moving to Florida.  She loved playing bridge and golf and excelled at both.  She had about 600 masterpoints.

Jim Lane, a fellow player, commented — “Dee was a class act and a great
conversationalist, as well as a very skilled bridge player who never faulted partnersfor low boards.  A Tampa Bay fan, she harbored a grudge against manager, Joe Madden, for abandoning the Devil Rays in favor of the Cubs.  Dee had 70% scores with several of us.  Her ashes will be spread at her favorite golf courses in Ohio and Florida."

From Charlie Halberstadt — “Though Dee only played at our game for a couple of years, she will leave a void in our game, and all of us will miss her.  Dee was a gracious lady and a strong bridge partner.  When someone came without a partner, almost, without exception, they would ask, 'Does Dee have a partner?’ Our thanks to Tom and Lori and Chuck and Marcy, who made sure she was able to come to our Valparaiso and Chesterton games every week.”