News and Updates at Unit 154

70% + Games

Elaine DeLaney & Don Wertheimer, South Bend: 70% 1/29
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:  72.00%  2/4
Darrell Culley, Auburn & Judy Nelsen, Fort Wayne:  70.99%  2/20
Carol Miller & Barbara Lawson, Valparaiso:  70%  3/3
Cappy Gagnon Notre Dame, & Candy Hurwich, South:  73.96%  3/6/20
Bob Enyeart & Tom Carpenter, Fort Wayne:  73.44%  3/7
Miki Grant, Elkhart &  Bonita Laub, Mishawaka:  71.53%  3/9/20


During the coronavirus crisis, one of the Fort Wayne directors, Jim Kart, and his wife, Rene, have offered to help players not able to do their necessary shopping by picking up what they need and dropping it at their front door. It is anticipated that some of our older players who do not have family in the area will use this service.  Thank you Jim!



For the sixth straight year, the Fort Wayne DBC plans to hold a Longest Day event to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association’s research and support services. On Wednesday, June 24 we will host a raffle, two sections of duplicate bridge with extra masterpoints, and a silent auction, unless the club has not reopened by that date. Many of our players and some local businesses and foundations are also likely to donate even if the event itself is cancelled due to coronavirus restrictions.




South Bend has many diverse and interesting players in their club who, they believe, should be honored.  They are presenting their list for the past year, 2019. Below are the winners in the following categories:

  • Tom Hallum- The Drama Award for his Oscar-winning theatrical bidding & playing (repeat recipient).
  • All the 399ers - The Most Improved Player Award
  • Tricia Killeen - Most Valuable Member Award (Their now retired Club Manager).
  • Candy Hurwich - The Style Trend Setter Award for wearing the most colorful, most creative and highest heels.
  • Joan Tobler - The Hardest Worker While at Table #6.  She always seems to get a partner for someone,  mentors new players, teaches,  etc. etc. etc.
  • Connie Hebron - The Gazing at the Ceiling for Guidance Award as she figures out what to bid.
  • Hugh Metzger - The Pun of the Week Award giving us something to groan about other than the bad cards we are getting.
  • Donna Tieman - The Southern Charm  Award for her delightful drawl and the best pecan pie.
  • Raji Sundararajan - The Most Difficult Surname Award for a name that’s hard to pronounce or spell.
  • Dick Hastings - The Busy Hands Award  for pointing back & forth between the board and his bridge hand when declaring.  Whatever he does, it works!
  • Margaret Lewis - The Lasso Award for rounding up the most 399ers for the Second Tuesday Swiss Team game each month.
  • Jo Ann Steigmeyer - The Christmas Fashionista Award  for wearing a different Christmas top every day in December.
  • Conrad Adams - The You’re So Glad to See Me  Award for really making us glad to see him - just as he says!