News and Updates at Unit 154

70% + Games

Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:  71.53%  9/25
John & Tricia Killeen, Mishawaka:  73.84%  10/8
Kim Grant, Fort Wayne & Gary Chaney, Woodburn:  73.92%  10/16
Penny Henshaw & Millie Legg, Fort Wayne:  71.13%  10/17
Marci & Keith Meyer, Long Beach:  77.22%  10/23
Mary Ann Filipiak, Michigan City & Pat Hoodwin, Long Beach:  73.89%  10/23
Lou Nimnicht, Crown Point & Dan Spain, Portage:  75.60%  10/27
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:  72.76%  10/29
Tom O'Connell, Long Beach & Don Grote, Chesterton:  70.67%  10/29
Laverne Niksch, Portage & Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton:  72.76%  10/29
Trudi McKamey, Ogden Dunes & Yuan Hsu, Hammond:  70.49%  11/3
Marcia and Jim Carson, Valparaiso:  76.39%  11/6
Elaine DeLaney, South Bend & Dick Hastings, Bristol:  75.45%  11/15
Chuck Tomes & Tom Rea, Valparaiso:  72.69%  11/28

Northwest Indiana Sectional

687.78 silver masterpoints! That’s how many masterpoints were earned at our fall sectional. What a fun time! There were 139 players who received silver. We were up 8 tables, 21 more players and 35 masterpoints from last year.

Thanks are due to many people — starting with the past sectional teams led by Barbara Walczak and Alan Yngve. These past teams got us on the right track. We must mention Kim Grant, Marci Meyer and  Gary Chaney for all the support and help throughout the process.   Special people on our team include Anne Murphy, Barbara Walczak, and two super ladies — Anna Urick and Charlie Abernethy — and, of course, our hard-working co-chairmen, Wayne Carpenter and Terry Bauer.

Thanks to everyone who brought great food in great quantity. To all those who helped with the clean-up — a big high five.  They were our silent heroes. There were so many people who extended a wonderful, willing spirit of cooperation and wholehearted participation in this event, and we thank them all.

Jim Kart Selected for Fort Wayne Award

At the Fort Wayne Club’s Holiday Party on December 1, FWDBC Director Jim Kart received the Mike and Annamarie Bonahoom Award for
exceptional service to the club in 2018. He is shown in the photo (middle) with Mike Bonahoom (left), beloved Club Manager for many years, and current board president Lee Baatz (right).   Jim is known formaking the games he directs special by cooking up delicious treats for the players to enjoy while they play. He is always willing to take a turn at teaching the Thursday mini-lessons before the Pro-Am game and pitch in and help whenever something needs to be done. Jim is also always a gentleman at the bridge table. Congratulations Jim. Well Deserved!

Teachers "R" Us

Pictured above are some of the attendees of Elaine DeLaney’s Friday afternoon class/game in the South Bend Club.  They come to hear a mini lesson given by Elaine each week before playing a sanctioned duplicate game.  These are players who have fewer than 149 masterpoints who want to learn more about this challenging game while having a fun experience.  We are so grateful for the time and effort given by Elaine to the South Bend Bridge Club.  She is a rare treasure who has helped many players through the years.

The players pictured above are from left to right:  Miki Grant, Mary Wisniewski, Pat Short, Anita Nunemaker, Candy Hurwich, Elaine DeLaney, Gerry Wardzinski, Nancy Saunders, Gloria Bates, Tom Saal, Penny Krug, Ann Saal, and Bonnita Laub.

Friends That Will Be Missed



John died Saturday, November 3, 2018 in Naples, Florida of acute leukemia.  The Dresser family spent summers at Clear Lake in Indiana where John met the love of his life, Nancy Dildine of Fort Wayne, Indiana and they married in November 1957. John and Nancy always spent their summers at Clear Lake enjoying family, friends, sports and most of all, the lake.  He played Bridge at the Angola Bridge Club and will be missed.

January 10, 1938 - November 11, 2018

Don Ferguson, a Gold Life Master, passed away on November 11, 2018. Don had been a member of the Fort Wayne DBC for more than five decades. Besides being a regular player at the Fort Wayne DBC, Don along with Rose, his wife of 46 years, was a club director of the Swindell BC and the Cedar Creek BC and club manager/owner of the Swindell BC. He always took the game seriously. His bidding style was based on sound logic and creativity. Don rarely held a hand that did not hold promise for some bid beyond a simple “PASS”. Many were the opponents who found their 26 hcp-game bid superseded by Don’s 14 hcp-game bid. And he often was successful in bringing the ‘skinny’ game home. Rest in peace, Don.

June 11, 1926 - Oct.5, 2018

Byron (Bud) Parshall passed away on Friday October 5th.  Bud was raised in South Bend and graduated from the University of Michigan with an Engineering Degree.  He was employed by N.A. Rockwell to serve as quality control manager involved in the NASA Space Program.

However, he was not all work and no play.  He was an avid fly fisherman, was an Arthur Murray ballroom dance instructor and achieved the lofty rank of life master.  He was an extremely tough bridge competitor, particularly when he partnered with his favorite partner, Fred Binder.  They really kept the other players on their toes.  We will continue to have him in our thoughts.

March 21, 1927 - Oct, 10, 2018

Lois hadn’t played much bridge at the South Bend Club in recent years but there are many of our members who remember her bridge ability and her warm smile.  She was born and raised in South Bend where she met and married Fred Ganser.  They were blessed with four children, nine grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.  She enjoyed dancing with her number one partner, her husband, Fred. Of course, her love of bridge was legend and she earned the ranking of Life Master.  Although we haven’t seen much of her lately, we have good memories of time spent with her.

July 10, 1922 - November 1, 2018

Bob Heiny passed away peacefully at age 96 on November 1, 2018.  Although Bob was a member of the Fort Wayne DBC for many years, he wasn’t a good bridge player.  BUT he played the game the way it should be played, with joy and camaraderie with both his partner across the table and the opponents sitting on either side of him.  Bob had no idea what a backward finesse was, but he could tell you story after story about Life and his experiences within it.  And that was just the first board!  By the time the opponents left the table after three or four boards, they were not sure what the results were, but they knew that they had been entertained and were the better for it.  Bob is probably sitting at a table in the clouds entertaining his angelic opponents.  Have fun, Bob.


Bonnie Krueckeberg passed away after a savage battle with cancer.  Bonnie had been a member of the Fort Wayne DBC for many years.  She played the game with gusto and always looked forward to the next board.  Bonnie was always pleasant whether she was having a good game or a horrible game.  Her partner and her opponents were always aware they were in the presence of gentleness and propriety.  Being a retired teacher, Bonnie knew the value of being an attentive pupil.  She attended many bridge lessons and kept a good library of bridge books at home to help her in the development of her game.  Thank you, Bonnie, for being a part of our bridge family.

Jan. 14, 1932 - Oct. 1, 2018

Dr. Ronald Peterson passed away in the company of  his wife of 64 years, Virginia, and his seven children.  Although his first love was his medical family practice, he was interested in so many activities such as raising Arabian horses, enjoying his time on his farm, running, and, of course, Duplicate Bridge.  He and his wife played exclusively with each other, and both of them achieved the rank of Ruby Life Master.  They were one of the few partners who played the Big Club in the South Bend Club which challenged their defenders.  His son, Randy, and daughter, Julie, are playing and carrying on his legacy. Our condolences to his family.  We shall miss him.