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70% + Games

Kimberly Grant, Fort Wayne, & Joe Shull, New Haven:  70.31%  4/2
Elaine DeLaney & Jimmy Cordas, South Bend:  72.69%  4/9
Lou Nimnicht, Crown Point & Dan Spain, Portage:  70.00%  4/27
Sally and Rich Will, Valparaiso:  70.14%  4/30
Vallory Blanton & Pat Augustyn, Fort Wayne:  77.38%  5/8
Jo Ann Steigmeyer & Chris Barker, Granger:  70.14%   5/10
Betty & Dick Brewe, Michigan City:  70.14%  5/13
John Goring, Frankfort, IL & Larry Rabideau, St Anne, IL:  73.36%  5/13
Bonnita Laub, Mishawaka & Candace Hurwich, South Bend:  78.57%  5/17


On April 10 eight students from Oregon Davis Junior/Senior High School got their introduction to duplicate bridge at the Valparaiso game. Their math teacher, David Pinkham, is also a bridge aficionado wanting to pass the game on to the next generation.

Oregon Davis Junior/Senior High School is in the small town of Hamlet. Hamlet has a population of about 800 people and its total area is one square mile. Within the Jr/Sr HS something great is going on — bridge lessons and bridge play is happening twice a week within the math club. David says that the true blessing in starting a bridge club has been the type of student that has decided to join. There is always the fear that the same students volunteer for everything, but that didn’t happen. For six of the students, this is the only club in which they participate. Of the remaining three, two of them are involved in Future Farmers of America, and the last student is involved in multiple clubs and organizations.

David tells that their trip to Valparaiso had been so very fruitful for the group. It created quite a buzz around the school, prompting other students to show an interest and to commit to joining the bridge club next year.

Here is an excerpt from one student’s testimonial —"From my point of view, bridge is the ultimate war game. I didn’t think so at first until my teacher, Mr Pinkham, introduced me to the game. It was quite hard to get the hang of it, but once I did, I loved it. It works all parts of the brain and if you’re not always on your toes, they’ll catch you on it and drop you to your knees.

There are many benefits of playing bridge. It’s an amazing way to help with communication, thinking and problem-solving skills. Not only that, but it helps strengthen friendships, teaches you patience and dedication and just so much more. I, for one, will continue playing bridge because it truly is very competitive but also one of the friendliest games I have ever played."

All students displayed excitement and enjoyment of being part of the bridge world. Our hats are off to David Pinkham for inspiring students to develop an abiding interest in the greatest card game ever — that can provide a lifetime of ultimate intellectual competition.


South Bend’s semi-annual Pro-Am Swiss Team Event, held on Saturday afternoon May 25th, was a great success!  There were 12 teams of  life masters or players with more than 500 points partnering with non-life master players with fewer than 500 points.

The winners were (pictured l to r):  Kathy Stegmaier, Elaine DeLaney, & Gini Stipp.  The fourth member, Margaret Lewis, was not available when the picture was taken but added.  We send our congratulations!  In addition, a hearty thank you to Director Bill Searcy (the hot dog chef) for running the event so smoothly & to Joan Tobler’s committee, Leslie Garvey & Tricia Killeen for the festivities and the tasty spread.  Look for the next Pro-Am in August!


For those novice and intermediate players who want to enjoy the open pair experience with players whose experience is at the same level of expertise as theirs, a new game has begun in Portage. It is held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. If you are interested, call Barbara Walczak (219-923-2288) for information or a partner or just to sign up to come.


Starting June 17, the Fort Wayne Duplicate Bridge Club will offer a 1 PM Pro-Am Swiss team game on the third Monday of each month (with possible exceptions in September and October). For details, visit

Friends That Will Be Missed


March 22, 1934 – May 8, 2019

Anna Robbins  passed away on May 8. She lived in Kouts and played duplicate bridge in the Wednesday game in Valparaiso.

Anna loved bridge and played it so much. She was one of the best players — terrific, to say the least! She played three times a week at the Banta Center. When she went to Florida, she played constantly. She was such a nice woman — people cared so much about her. And she was brilliant!— in bidding and play of the hand — always outsmarting the opponents.

She appeared on Jeopardy and was a winner. However, due to a technicality, she was disqualified for the second day. She was invited to come back at another time, but did not choose to do so.

Anna loved to travel and had spent time with her daughter in France. She loved that she got to wade in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. They went to Portugal together 17 times spending time in Estoril, Sintra and Cascais.

She was appreciated for the strawberries she always brought to the game — when they were in season.

November 19, 1933 – May 22, 2019

It’s empty.  The South seat at Table Six at the Wednesday afternoon game at the Fort Wayne DBC is empty.  Its usual occupant, Rosalie Witucki, passed from this earthly life on Wednesday, May 22.  Rosalie occupied that seat for many years at the Fort Wayne DBC.  It did not matter where Table Six was, Rosalie could be found in the South seat.  When queried if she was
superstitious, Rosalie responded, “No, but Six is my lucky number.”  And so it probably was. Rosalie and her partner were usually ‘in-the-money’ at Table Six, frequently first or second.  Wherever she is now, there is surely a Table Six and Rosalie can be found in the South, seat.  Play on, Rosalie.