Northern Indiana Unit 154

American Contract Bridge League

District 12

A Message from the President

Gary Chaney

FEBRUARY, the month of groundhogs, sweethearts, and cold, not-so-cold, and wet weather.  MARCH, the month that subtracts the groundhogs and the sweethearts and adds wind.  The good news is that the warmer months are closer than they were in January.  YEAH!!!

I advise against trying to kiss any groundhogs, but you can continue to be a sweetheart of a partner.  It is a proven fact that bridge is not a fun game if you do not appreciate your partner.  Take a moment every session to look your partner in the eye and say, “Thank you for being my partner.  I couldn’t play this game without you.”

2018 Winners

Board of Directors


  • Ken Bisson - Angola

  • Alan Yngve & Terry Bauer - Gary

  • Steve Watson - Highland

  • Marci Meyer & Tom O'Connell - Michigan City/Long Beach

  • Barbara Stroud - Portage/Chesterton/Valparaiso

  • Bud Hinckley & 1 Vacant Seat - South Bend/Mishawaka

  • Vacant - Kokomo

  • Stan Davis & Gary Chaney - Fort Wayne

Unit 154