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70% + GAMES
Joe Chin, Highland & Don Cohen, Oak Park, IL: 76.39% 1/3
Jim Feinstein, South Bend & Sara Marcus, Granger:
71.48% 1/10
Lou Nimnicht, Crown Point & Jim O'Connell, Valparaiso:
Chuck & Marcy Tomes, Valparaiso: 71.11% 2/22
David Hoevel & Joseph Sowder, Fort Wayne:
74.70% 3/2
Marian David, South Bend & Sara Marcus, Granger:
70.84% 3/29

There is a Thursday morning Newcomer Game (0-20 points, 9 to 11:30) at the club that has been running since July and has been drawing 3-4 tables each week. One feature of the game is that at each table there is a mentor to help answer questions. Tricia Killeen has been teaching most of these beginners, and the volunteer mentors Dennis David, Tom Hallum, Tom Hebron, and Joan Tobler have been instrumental in the success of this program.

Also added to their schedule is a Friday afternoon ACBL-sanctioned 149er game that meets from 2-5 pm under Elaine DeLaney's supervision. The attendance is growing each week. These new games are available for beginners and/or players who have been away from the game for a while.

                                                                          WEBMASTER CHANGES to SOUTH BEND!
It was with great regret that South Bend received news that John Nichols, who has been our SBBC webmaster for the past six-plus years, is leaving us to pursue tournament directing. He has been invaluable to their club and we absolutely could not have done it without him. We thank him for his service and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

One of their newest members, Ben Paulson, has consented to take over John's duties. Ben is a PhD candidate at Notre Dame in biology, and, while he hasn't had a lot of experience with website design, he is willing to jump in and learn what's necessary to keep our website going. We thank him and offer him whatever help we can give to keep him happy in his new job! Jo Ann Steigmeyer will continue to be the liaison for the Website.

Cathy Mason of Portage is their oldest player. She celebrated her 98th birthday on March 24. She still is very active as a participant, and, although age is taking its toll physically, her mind remains as sharp as a tack.

On January 5th, Doris Shafer celebrated her 90th Birthday. To honor her, the club presented Dorie with a lovely bouquet of red roses and a cake. Her picture will be included on the 90+ wall along with our heartiest congratulations. As you can tell from this picture, she looked especially beautiful on her celebratory day, not really an unusual occurrence!

SARAH ARVESEN - January 3, 1923 - November 27, 2016
The South Bend Club reports with great sadness that Sarah Arvesen passed away this past November. They were so pleased that they were able to celebrate her 90th birthday in 2013 and to see her picture on the 90+ wall. She leaves behind two daughters, Christine and Jean, 6 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. Sarah was busy throughout her life working as a registered dietician and retired as Chief Clinical Dietician at Memorial Hospital in 1988. She traveled, spent winters in the Florida Keys, and did what she loved best - playing Bridge. General knowledge in the Bridge Club "Don't double Sarah! If she bids it, she's got it!" We'd like the opportunity to double her one more time, but then we'll have to see what the angels can do! We miss you, Sarah.

Lois Edelstein of Schererville passed away on January 31. She was a frequent player at our Monday game in Highland. She also played Rubber Bridge in the area. Her son remarked that, for his mom, bridge, by far, was her most joyous social activity, and that she loved bridge as much as she did her family.

Wayne Hiser, her regular partner adds - "When I moved into the area seven years ago, I started playing in the "Chicago group" in Merrillville, where Lois was a regular. She asked if I would like to try duplicate while her usual partner was in Florida. We had a good run. We didn't play many conventions, but generally understood each other's bids. She knew how to play the cards! And loved it!


The fourth annual Jim Farner Day, held on January 5, 2017 in South Bend, found them with hardy players who showed up in spite of nasty weather. The winners were Elaine DeLaney and Dick Hastings. Their names have been inscribed on the special wall plaque given to the club by Dr. Jim's family to celebrate his birthday. Congratulations Elaine & Dick!!

Special Note: Dick wanted his name on the plaque to be engraved "Doc" Hastings. He not only trained under Jim but did rounds with him as a practicing physician .