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John & Tricia Killeen, Mishawaka: 71.43% 3/27
Elaine DeLaney, South Bend & Rich Mao, Mishawaka:
70.37% 3/28
Wayne Carpenter, Chesterton & Laverne Niksch, Portage:
71.13% 4/9
Rich Mao, Mishawaka & Bud Hinckley, South Bend:
72.32% 5/14
Steve Watson, Schererville & Joe Chin, Highland:
71.28% 5/14
Lou Nimnicht, Crown Point & Steve Watson, Schererville:
71.48% 5/18
Rich Mao, Mishawaka & Bud Hinckley, South Bend: 70.83 5/31

South Bend's semi-annual Pro-Am Swiss Team Event, held on Saturday afternoon, May 5th, was a great success! There were 12 teams of life masters or players with more than 500 points partnering with non-life master players with fewer than 500 points.  The winners were (pictured l to r): Lee Boser, Ren Singleton, Kathy Peterson and Dave Barkmeier.  We send our congratulations!  In addition, a hearty thank you to Director Bill Searcy (the hot dog chef) for running the event so smoothly & to Joan Tobler's committee, Marty Martin & Tricia Killeen for the festivities and the tasty spread.Look for the next Pro-Am in August!

South Bend's ProAm Winners

South  Bend's Creative Genius Strikes Again!

He's baaack!South Bend's resident woodworking genius is at it again!Pictured on the left is the latest creation by Tom Hebron.This "gadget" holds extra bidding cards for those times when you can't find the 2 of hearts bid card, the 6 of diamonds card or a decent looking pass card. Tom had the help of his son, Andy, who created the letters using a 3-D printer. The bid card holder is a wonderful idea & another in a long list of Tom's beautiful creations. Thanks, again, Tom!