Northern Indiana Unit 154
American Contract Bridge League
District 12

Greetings, Everyone. Spring is here, but someone needs to tell the weather to act like it. Now that I have the obligatory complaint about the weather out of the way, let's talk about the important stuff.

IT IS OFFICIAL! Unit 154, our beloved Northern Indiana Unit, is now a member of District 12 of the ACBL. On March 8, 2018, the ACBL Board of Directors voted to approve our request for transfer from D8 to D12.

Gary Chaney


We have joined the district of the players and the partners that we see every week from Michigan and northwestern Ohio. On behalf of the Unit BoD, I thank each and every one of you who signed the petition for transfer. Yes, all 480 of you! You comprised 85% of all the Unit members who played at a Unit club two or more times in the past two years. You spoke with gusto and passion and the ACBL heard you.

Now that the Unit is part of D12, let's demonstrate our bridge passion and participate fully in the D12 Grand National Team qualifying on May 11-12 in metro Detroit. Specific information will soon be available through our clubs for this event. For a number of us our becoming a part of D12 means we can play for the first time with our regular weekly partners in this event. Also, there will be an extra STaC week this year for the Unit.  District 12 Website is

Speaking of websites, HELP!!! Since the founding of this website in 2014, Kim Grant has been the webmaster and switchboard for our Unit. She has decided to step away from this responsibility so she can attend to other priorities. If you are technologically savvy (or are willing to become such) and would like to be a more active part of the Unit, here is an opportunity. Kim will happily work with you to teach you the ropes and to provide verbal assistance when needed. The plain and simple fact is that if no Unit member steps up to become the new webmaster by June 15, 2018, this site will cease to exist.

ELECTIONS! ELECTIONS! ELECTIONS! Each year the Unit Board of Directors (BoD) has a certain number of seats become available. This year seats representing Angola, Fort Wayne, Gary, Kokomo, and South Bend/Mishawaka (2) are open. How does a Unit member become a candidate for one of these seats? EASY AS PIE. Simply fill out the self-nomination form found on this website and send it electronically or hard copy to Election Committee Chair Gary Chaney so that it arrives on or before May 15, 2018. That's all that is needed. Elections will be held on a date(s) to be determined between June 1-15 at the appropriate clubs.

I wish all of you a happy April. Remember to trust your partner and be a partner who can be trusted.


Fort Wayne Sectional
May 18-20